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Hello friends, here in this post, we have brought a list of some hosting free website for you.
Hosting Free Website
Best Free Web Hosting Sites

When you purchase website hosting, you are essentially renting space on a server that is owned by the hosting company. This server stores all of your website’s files, images, videos, and other content. When someone visits your website, they are accessing these files from the server.

The hosting company will provide you with a control panel where you can manage your website’s settings and features. This includes setting up email accounts, creating databases, installing software applications, and more. You can also use the control panel to monitor your website’s performance and security.

It came as a shock to many developers after Heroku announced the cancellation of its free plan. Heroku has been everyone’s favorite platform to host their various types of websites, regardless of their technology. Originally, Heroku on the free plan allows you to host up to 3 full websites, and maybe just forwarding the domain to a full website is enough. platform: Hosting Free Website allows you to host a copy of your website for free on the platform. This is done by hosting a copy of the website or software on Docker. The company offers both free and paid services, and the free service provides you with limited space, but it is acceptable for various purposes. has servers across all continents (except Africa, whose users will connect from European servers), the location of the servers only affects the loading speed of the site, but you can host it with ease.

Netlify platform: Best Hosting Free Website

Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of suggestions for dynamic sites in this article, but for static and static timers the best suggestion to host your site on would be the Netlify platform. If you have a web page that doesn’t need a database connection, if it’s developed with some advanced frameworks like Angular, React or Vue, or it depends on API’s for its general functionality, then Netlify is what you’re looking for.

It is an incubator for developers, as it provides a ready-made hosting environment to handle it very easily. In addition to the hosting environment, the service also provides the development environment. Yes, you can even build a website based on Netlify’s proprietary technologies. It has some paid services that you may need later, and are not related to hosting features.

render platform: Best Hosting Free Website

Do you really miss Heroku? We then recommend the Render platform, which offers almost the same services as Heroku and even the way to host projects through it. With great support for all types of websites, regardless of their building technologies, and the availability of a free and reliable plan to make your site accessible to everyone.

Render supports linking the project from Github (or similar platforms) directly to your account on the platform, so any changes you make to the project’s content are applied directly to the website.

Qoddi platform: BestHosting Free Website

The Qoddi platform is one of the platforms that allows you to host your software project through a very large support for modern web technologies. Projects built in Nodejs, Python, Rails, Laravel, Java… and more can be hosted.

The platform includes paid free plans. In the free plan, you get 512MB of RAM and unlimited traffic, which makes it good for hosting small and medium enterprises. If you like the platform, you can switch to paid plans that start at $6 per month.

Uploading your project on Qoddi is different from what you are used to. You need to install the platform on your device, then connect your account, then select the basics of the project (such as databases) and then start uploading your site. Any updates or modifications will be made through the Qoddi service directly.

Adaptable platform

Another service that is characterized by the ease of uploading your software project more easily. All you need to do is link your Github account with your Adaptable account, select the project repository you want to upload, and the platform will take care of the rest. So, all your experiences at this stage depend on Git skills and uploading projects on GitHub.

Adaptable supports a huge number of services, especially modern JavaScript technologies such as NestJS and Prisma. In addition to other projects built via Rails, Django or Laravel, with support from many programming languages ​​such as Go, Python and Javascript.

Do not forget about the supported databases as well, as it supports MongoDB, PostgreSQL, then MS SQL Server and of course the famous MySQL. The platform provides a guide on how to host projects on this type of database, and another guide on how to host projects with other technologies. If you run into any issues, be sure to get back to them to solve your own problem.

The platform offers two plans: free and then paid at $7 per month. The difference between them is that the free plan does not support access to private Github resources (i.e. Private and the project you want to host needs to be a Public project). In addition to domain customization. As for the rest of the other services, you need a Team plan that costs $50 per month, and it only brings the features of participatory work and corporate services.

The conclusion of websites hosting is that it is an essential part of any online business. It provides the necessary infrastructure for businesses to host their websites, applications, and other digital content. It also provides a secure environment for data storage and access. Websites hosting can be provided by a variety of providers, including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and managed hosting. Each type of hosting has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose the right one for your business needs. Additionally, website hosting can be expensive depending on the type of service you require. However, with careful research and planning, businesses can find a reliable and cost-effective solution that meets their needs.

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