Electrical Estimating Software For Small Contractors

Electric Ease electrical estimating software is a great way to create and track estimates, as it provides reports on project parts, quantities, and time. The software also lets you order parts in advance, which makes the estimating process easier. Electric Ease also has a feature that automatically generates estimates based on labor and parts requirements. This makes it perfect for both new and experienced estimators.

Electrical Estimating Software


Accubid is a robust electrical estimating software solution that facilitates the entire construction workflow. Its features include digitizer integration, automatic scaling, CAD file integration, and a database of over 14,000 assemblies. Moreover, Accubid allows for full project management, including billing and invoicing. It can be accessed from various locations over the internet, and it offers comprehensive capabilities for a variety of industries.

Accubid is suitable for medium-sized industrial and commercial projects. It includes a database of 33,000 items and 9,500 assemblies, labor units, cost codes, and labor tracking codes. Its pricing is moderate and includes a free training session. A two-license package costs $198 per month and allows two users. Other features include product catalog, project management, and billing.

When selecting an electrical estimating solution, make sure it offers a large database of items. An extensive database can save you time. Some programs have more than a hundred thousand items in their database, while others may offer only a small subset of the types of electrical work that you do.

The quality of input also plays an important role in choosing an electrical estimating solution. Larger projects often include detailed plans and thorough design checks. On the other hand, a residential contractor may have sparse blueprints and little electrical information to work with. As such, the software should allow for substitutions during the bid process. The software should also support item cost databases and customer information databases, and have easy PDF export capabilities.

Whether you are an experienced contractor or just starting out, Accubid electrical estimating software can help you meet the needs of your clients. With the right software, you can manage your construction workflow more efficiently and bid on more projects. It also helps you improve your profitability by enhancing efficiency.


Buildxact electrical estimating software for small contractors is a powerful tool for building estimates. It integrates billing and scheduling features, automated quantity takeoff, and a 35,000+ item database. It also offers built-in project management and customization for different specialties. It helps contractors find and close new jobs, and it integrates office and field operations.

The software’s price varies based on the number of users. There are no free trials, but prospective buyers can schedule a demo with the company’s representatives to see how it works. The software is not cheap, but it does provide great tools for electrical contractors. For instance, it automatically creates a schedule from estimates, and users can track job progress and adjust schedules accordingly. The software also saves contractors time by sending automated reminders for upcoming tasks.

It’s important to understand the benefits of estimating software before investing in it. Most estimating software features pre-built templates. The simplest tools have one template, but the best ones have multiple templates. Others include a supplier pricing database, which makes it easy to figure out costs. This is a huge time-saver. The database comes from ElectricSmarts NetPricer, which is the industry standard.

The software also includes the ability to save information for common assemblies and components. Users can also store information about materials, such as nails, wood, and drywall. Some estimating tools can even import PDF plans. You can also customize estimates with templates that are custom-made for your specific needs.

Buildxact electrical estimating software for small contractors has several benefits. The software includes customizable templates, a project database, and bid management tools. It also supports multiple estimators, which helps you increase your productivity. Furthermore, you can access your KPI data to optimize your performance.


Countfire Electrical estimating software is a cloud-based program that gives electrical estimators the power to make accurate estimates for every job. It is PC and Mac compatible and includes a mobile app for contractors to manage their business. The software can be customized to fit your company’s needs.

This program allows you to calculate electrical costs quickly and accurately with a simple click. Its automation and intelligent pricing reduce busy work and increase accuracy. It also provides a range of convenient features, including automatic specification comparison, flexible slice options, and automated Excel estimate outputs. Countfire is cloud-based, which means there is no download needed, and it is constantly being improved and enhanced. It is also supported by world-class customer service. It comes with a 14-day free trial, which means you can test it out for yourself.

If you are a small electrical contractor, you probably won’t need full-service software. But if you have a large business, you’ll need a more robust system. You can choose between an on-premise and cloud-hosted solution, depending on your business model and budget. It’s also important to consider if you want to offer mobile quotes or not. A mobile quote should be as user-friendly as possible.

Another advantage of Countfire is its versatility. You can build estimates with its built-in database of over 55,000 electrical items. With this database, you can save time and money by minimizing the number of errors you make in your estimates. Additionally, it will allow you to order parts in advance, which means you can avoid paying for parts that you don’t have. The program can also help you find jobs that are worth the cost.

Countfire also offers a free 14-day trial and has support teams that are available to answer any questions you may have. It’s an excellent option for small electrical contractors.


ConEst’s electrical estimating software for small contractors is an excellent option for small and mid-sized contractors who need to generate labor-efficient estimates. Its comprehensive library of electrical assemblies and item databases eliminate the need to manually assemble each one, and it automatically adjusts labor estimates to match actual installation conditions.

The electrical estimating software should allow you to price items at the task and job level. This feature is critical in electrical estimating because you must price more than a hundred thousand different items from dozens of distributors in each region. The software should have pre-built assemblies for low voltage electrical jobs to make the process faster.

ConEst’s electrical estimating software includes a comprehensive database of over 12,000 electrical items, including low-voltage ones. It also has advanced bid management capabilities, including the ability to create alternate bids on a single job. It also includes the ability to filter projects, archive previous estimates, and collaborate with team members. It is available as a desktop or cloud solution, and has various subscription plans based on the number of users.

Electrical estimating software also allows contractors to produce more reliable estimates. This helps contractors increase their bid win rate. It also helps contractors increase their productivity and spend more time on actual projects. Electrical estimating software can also identify costs that can be eliminated by using alternative material sourcing or subcontracting certain labor units.

Electrical estimating software has made the process of estimating electrical work easier by automating the process. Previously, electricians had to measure wires, conduits, and other dimensions manually. These measurements helped them determine the number of labor units and types of equipment they would need. However, electrical estimating software uses blueprints and schematics to automate the process.

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