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If you’re an electrical contractor, you should consider implementing an electrical contracting software program to streamline your business operations. This type of software is designed to help your Electrical Contractor employees manage inventory and plan services more effectively. ServiceFolder provides powerful inventory management tools that allow you to keep track of your inventory levels and make informed decisions regarding what to offer your clients.

Electrical Contracting Software

Job cost reporting

Electrical contractors can take advantage of job cost reporting features in electrical contracting software Quickbooks. Job costing reports provide information such as the estimated cost and the actual cost of a job. They also let you know whether you are under or overestimating the costs of a job. You can run a report weekly or daily to stay on top of the costs of a job.

Many electrical contractors rely on job cost reporting to run a profitable business. This is especially true in the case of labor costs, which are the most difficult to estimate. Often, electricians have to guess at their time, so it’s imperative that they have a reliable time tracking system in place. The best electrical contracting software can sync with QuickBooks in real time to make time tracking easy.

Job cost reporting is essential for electrical contractors, as it helps them compare actual costs to the budget they set for a job. Having a clear picture of actual costing will help electrical contractors determine if they are overestimating or underestimating. The system should also provide real-time job cost information and an audit trail.

QuickBooks has many benefits for electrical contractors, including the ability to track retainage and Accounts Receivable, and even handle payroll and union fees. It also offers specialized features for construction contractors, including advanced payroll and human resources management. It is a powerful solution for contractors, and allows for quick, easy and accurate reporting.

The electrical contracting software allows administrators and electricians to communicate directly with each other through an application. The electricians may also have access to a mobile app version of the software. This means that they can accept, reject, or negotiate jobs right from the comfort of their mobile devices. It can also help electricians reduce manual tasks such as data entry and maintenance.

Inventory management

Electrical contracting software has several features to help electrical contractors manage inventory and ensure timely payment. These features include a digital invoice that allows customers to pay right away, customizable line items, and different invoice types. The software should also integrate with your accounting system. Personalizing your invoices is an important way to keep your electrical contracting company memorable. Customize them with your logos and company colors to create a professional impression.

The best electrical contracting software has several features that make your life easier. It should allow you to track inventory, create invoices, and track time spent on each job. Some software also has built-in accounting functionality and integrates with Quickbooks Online. This allows you to keep track of every job and ensure that you’re billing customers appropriately.

The best electrical contracting software automates the details necessary for a successful business. The system should also allow you to create quotes and schedule jobs, dispatch technicians, and generate customer bills. It should also allow you to manage your inventory from multiple locations. Lastly, the software should allow you to track the inventory across multiple locations and alert you when inventory levels are running low.

In addition to inventory management, a good electrical contracting software also includes features that allow your employees to share information. Using mobile devices, your technicians can use these features to keep track of their equipment. They can use them to communicate with each other, and they can also access their past service history and equipment specifications through the software.

If you’re in the business of electrical or mechanical contracting, it’s critical to know where your inventory is. This feature will enable you to track inventory between warehouses, service trucks, and installation sites.

Field service management

Many electrical contractors find that the most effective way to manage their business is through a software application that can help them manage their time. This is an important aspect of running a profitable business. Time is often one of the most expensive parts of a job, so it’s important to track this correctly. Many contractors rely on guesswork when tracking time, but a good management software program will sync with QuickBooks so that the data is updated and easily accessible.

Some field service management applications integrate with accounting software to make them even more convenient for business owners. This integration can eliminate data entry errors and decrease the amount of time it takes to input data. The most common integrations are with QuickBooks and Sage Intacct. You can also choose a solution that is specifically made for electrical contractors.

A field service management software solution can be cloud-based or on-premise. Cloud-based solutions usually charge a monthly fee based on the number of registered users. In contrast, desktop software requires installation on your computers and can only be accessed on those devices. In addition, cloud-based solutions can offer additional services such as customer support and training.

Prices can vary considerably, especially for larger software solutions. While the more affordable options will offer barebones functionality, large companies will want more advanced features and capabilities, including advanced scheduling and dispatch, highly-efficient billing processes, and sophisticated data analysis and reporting capabilities. As a result, pricing for field service management solutions is highly dependent on your needs and budget.

Regardless of which software you choose, you should compare its features and customer support before buying one. A good software solution for your electrical contracting business will help you track and manage your customers’ needs. Whether you need to schedule visits or keep track of your employees’ progress, this application can make your life much easier and more productive.


Electrical contractors can streamline their accounting with QuickBooks(r) accounting software. The software manages jobs and customer information, fills in forms, and automates escalation procedures. It also tracks labor burden and union fees and updates job costs. This software also integrates with QuickBooks Online.

Electrical contractors can also use this software to send estimates to customers prior to starting work orders. It also allows contractors to manage late payments, lazy customers, and online payments. You can send quotes to your customers through email or text message and track their progress and status. It can also handle customer payments and warranty history.

Electrical contractors can maximize profitability and productivity by integrating the right software. Choosing the best electrical contracting software for your needs requires a thorough analysis of its core features, customer support, and reliability. Using a trusted review site or asking other electrical contractors will help you narrow down your options. Among the best electrical contracting software options is ServiceTitan. It is easy to use, promotes mobile functionality, and includes features that will help electricians grow their businesses.

Once you’ve selected the right software, you can begin automating and streamlining your business. Using a software to manage your finances is a great way to save time and improve efficiency. It can also help you keep track of work orders and manage your employees. Additionally, electrical contractor software will allow you to generate invoices and manage the scheduling of your electricians.


If you run an electrical contracting business, you probably know that payroll and accounting software can be very helpful. These programs track retainage, update Accounts Receivable, and can even handle labor burden and union fees. They also help you fill out forms and manage all of your business relationships.

Payroll software for electrical contracting companies can help you streamline your entire payroll process and eliminate any unforeseen expenses. Many of these applications integrate with QuickBooks and include payroll-specific features like check printing and direct deposit. They also help you account for pension and reciprocity rules and can streamline all aspects of your business.

Time tracking is essential for electrical contractors, as time is the biggest expense on a job. Unfortunately, many contractors still use guesswork to manage time, which can prove detrimental to their bottom line. However, good management software can automatically sync with QuickBooks and provide an accurate time sheet, helping electrical contractors better manage their time.

Electrical contractors should check the integrations and customization options that the software offers. These features can help make the lives of office staff easier, and simplify management. Make sure the software you choose offers accounting and job management integration. The ability to sync your accounting and payroll software will help you make sound business decisions and manage your business.

With Orderry, you can manage all of your business operations and eliminate manual data entry. With its advanced features and integrations with QuickBooks, Orderry can give you up-to-date data about your clients, taxes, invoices, and products. Orderry also sends automatic notifications to customers when an invoice is due. It even lets you request feedback from your customers.

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